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Custom machine design projects is our speciality. From understanding all the requirement, consulting and delivering award winning designs.

These projects below were designed and managed by our team of engineers in close liaison with the client. In any design we undertake with you we shall commit resources to understand your company and product needs before design is commenced.

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August 11, 2016

Apron feeders – Ore dump conveyors feeders

This apron feeder was installed in a Botswana diamond mine and was completely designed in-house by our team. Its purpose is to break the fall of rocks before they are conveyed to the crushers. The drive components were are selected ...

August 11, 2016

Floatation cell ready for commissioning

This flotation cell was designed for Bateman and was installed in a platinum mine in South Africa. This design has a unique concept that makes the install and removal of the agitator very quick without compromising the cell efficiency....

August 12, 2016

Crusher Drive

This crusher drive was the brain child of Philip Maree of OST-Africa that developed this size belt drive with self-tensioning functionality. The belt life has improved by three to five times relative to the rigid mounted motors. The ...

August 12, 2016

Self Tensioning Crusher Drive 500kW

Self-tensioning motor bases improve power transmission and belt life significantly*. This motor base relies on the Neidhart rubber spring that is pre-tensioned to store enormous amounts of energy which is gradually released as the ...

August 12, 2016

Conveyor Belt Scrapers

These belt scrapers have segmented blades that each has a Neidhart rubber spring for stored energy and a tungsten carbide insert to clean the belt. This is a product now of OST-Africa*. *Courtesy of OST_Africa. Contact OST-Africa at ...

August 23, 2016

Sarrus Anti-Sway Mechanism

The request was to develop a lifting device that is attached to an existing crane that would offer a lifting hook stabilizer for automated control of the coil pick-up and drop-off operations. After research we chose the Sarrus ...