M45 Engineering Services

Elegantly simple solutions to complicated engineering problems.

M45 Machine Design Co is an engineering consulting company that specialises in multidisciplinary machine design solutions, from the elementary to mid-sized projects. Our core business is to design special purpose & custom designed machines and products. We have a varied background of experience in all manner of systems, with experience in industrial machinery across a wide range of fields.

Our Expertise

Here at M45 our expertise no doubt lies in the systematic approach we take toward the design process and where the opportunity allows, to be innovative. Over time this approach has generated valuable IP for our clients. Several of our design projects were patented by our clients or brought long term contracts. The services we provide spans the various facets of systems engineering in the design and development of machinery in both advisory and executive modes of collaboration.

The Services We Offer

  • Machine Definition
  • Conceptualisation
  • Engineering & Simulation (FMEA, Risk Assessment, FEA, etc)
  • Interface specification
  • Control Philosophy
  • 3D Modelling & 2D Drafting (SolidWorks)
  • Manufacturing BOM
  • Manufacturing, Assembly and Maintenance Documentation
  • Consulting Services
  • IP generation
  • Embedded Controls, (firmware and hardware)

Fields of Experience

  • Mining
  • Grain Mills
  • Aerospace
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Steel Foundry
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • More

How we may work with you to solve your machine design needs

Cooperation Option 1: Outsourcing Design to M45

M45 can operate as your outsource arm for design. In this mode we take full control of your design from concept, to proof of concept model and eventually to the working system with data pack.

Cooperation Option 2: Engineering Consultant

M45 may function as your engineering consultant. In this mode we would perform on- and off-site services including peer reviews, design reviews, specifications writing, validation services (engineering calculations and finite element analyses, (FEA)).

Cooperation Option 3:
CAD Resource

M45 may function as a CAD resource to your company, either as a bureau service, or as an in-house service inside your company.

Cooperation Option 4:
In-House Design Lead

M45 may function as your in-house design lead for a certain project where you are not comfortable to outsource the work but still would need a profession design lead. This function would span most services associated with this roll, including concept development, dividing the work for design groups, requirements analysis and control, budget control, scheduling, engineering functions, CAD functions, etc.

Cooperation Option 5:
Custom Tailored Model

If your company requires a custom tailored model for our involvement in assisting you then this too may be drawn up. The important aspect is that M45 exist to assist you achieving your company objectives.
M45 welcomes you to approach us for detailed discussions and proposals of how we may assist in fulfilling your machine design demands.

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